UAE airport security: prohibited and permitted items to carry-in the luggage

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UAE airport security: prohibited and permitted items to carry-in the luggage

Dubai: Seeing airport protection throw away your own things can be aggravating. But you can save yourself countless complications by understanding all the formula and packing your baggage correctly. Airports has formula in place as to what you are able to and should not package in your examined around luggage along with your cabin luggage as soon as you traveling.

If you are intending to search out of the UAE, it could be tough to bear in mind just what items you can and may not deliver onto airplanes or in the checked in baggage.

Selecting the bag

All bags lead into UAE flight terminals must have one or more flat work surface. Rounded and abnormal shaped parcels will not be accepted at sign in. Their case also shouldna€™t need an extended band.

You can examine in square luggage, a bag with an appartment base or any box, provided really closed precisely. In case the case really doesna€™t have one or more flat work surface or perhaps is irregularly shaped and oversized, it should be right away rejected at check-in.

Checked in luggage

According to Dubai flight terminals, an optimum two items of luggage are allowed for worldwide trips, with all the overall body weight perhaps not surpassing 32 kg. But this surely may differ by airline and fare means. Always make sure your consult your airline just before fly. Baggage bigger than 90 cm extended, 75 cm high and 60 cm large, or that does not have a single flat working surface, must be checked in in the oversized baggage table because it wona€™t be approved regarding standard dimensions luggage scanning belt.

Hand luggage

Usually airlines accept two pieces of hands luggage. a shoulder bag including a purse, new laptop bag and backpack, and additionally a tiny cabin bag. Cabin luggage must have a maximum amount of 56 cm, distance of 45 cm and degree of 25 cm like all handles, side pockets and rims.


In a carry on:

Nowadays the regulation on liquids is actually common, although enforcement of the guidelines may vary from nation to nation.

In UAE flight terminals, all liquids should always be loaded inside a clear, re-sealable plastic bag, inside your hands baggage. Them cana€™t become more than 100 ml in addition to complete of your own things cana€™t surpass one litre.

Exceptions: treatments, child milk and foods and special diet demands to be used throughout trip.

In an examined in case:

Loading drinks is possible in every quantities into checked in handbags. Airport protection dona€™t demand any limits on fluids on examined bags. In the event you pack fluids in the inspected baggage, truly the only issue try making certain the containers and pots dona€™t open up and drip to your bag.

Idea: Unscrew the covers of your own bottles and address with saran place before screwing the most truly effective again on. It will help avoid spillages.

In accordance with Abu Dhabi practices, each traveller are permitted to create at the most 4 litres of liquor or one carton of hops when going to the UAE.


The UAE helps to keep an in depth eyes on funds laundering and questionable financial activities, this is why passengers traveling are supposed to declare if they have large sums of cash to them.

a€?All arriving and outgoing travelers, that 18 many years and above, should declare money they have a€” whether in finances, cheques or priceless rings a€” if they are worth above Dh60,000,a€? Dubai practices said on August 29.

Any cash had by guests, that are under 18 yrs . old, are going to be added to exactly what her guardians hold, the power said.

It is possible to declare cash and merchandise easily on the web. Dubai Customsa€™ a€?iDeclarea€™ smart application simplifies the Customs clearance techniques for passengers by making it possible for self-declaration regarding must-declare commercial goods, individual impacts, or earnings either pre, or post-arrival on airport, reducing the opportunity you’ll need for that to less than four moments.

Exemptions for presents

In August the power clarified, a€?The exempted merchandise integrate private gifts with a value of optimum Dh3,000, smokes (maximum 400 tobacco), cigars (maximum 50 cigars) and cigarette (max 500 grams). Such a thing above these prices is actually subject to traditions responsibilities.a€?

In order to be exempted from having to pay customs obligations, gift suggestions ought to be private rather than commercial purposes and this can be determined according to the worth as well as the level of the products taken onboard.

Relating to UAE authorities you’ll in fact transfer a specific maximum of ingredients for non-commercial functions. Included in these are no more than:

a€? 20 kg of yoghurt

a€? 50 litres of oils (including olive-oil)

a€? 10 kg of varied types of fruit and veggies

a€? 10 kg desserts and breads

a€? 30 kg of grains, grains and red meat

a€? 10 kg of seafood and seafoods

a€? 500 gm of caviar

a€? 20 kg for honey and sugar services and products

a€? 5 kg for herbs and herbs including vinegar, orange-blossom water and rose-water

a€? 500 gm of saffron

a€? 10 kg of special-purpose products such youngsters’ meals is enabled

a€? 20 litres of products and syrups such as liquid

a€? 5 kg of fruit juice focuses

a€? 25 kg of processed ingredients.


The UAE government recommends travelers is higher apprehensive about bringing in certain types of medication inside UAE. Some medicine off their region could include chemicals that are prohibited inside UAE, that may lead to the arrest of the carrying all of them.

Dubai traditions stated it’s preparations using the Ministry of health insurance and reduction (MoHAP) to permit guests to hold trearments indicated for over 90 days. But guests need to meet some conditions.

a€?Passengers must have a prescription from an official medical or a doctor that clearly mentions the medication while the fitness position in the traveler. Medication must certanly be keep in their original pots and packaging and expiry dates need clear in it.a€?

Customs bodies in the UAE frequently upgrade the list of medication banned into the UAE. Individuals visiting the UAE must check their own sites before visiting search your own medicinea€™s title.