sometimes need to breathe

12 de julio de 2019 Por Kitcho

Why did Laurence Olivier return so often to Shakespeare’s Othello? Why did Ansel Adams keep photographing the Grand Canyon? Obsessed or awestruck, artists revisit great inspirations because they believe there is yet another story to tell – about life, about themselves.

Last month I got a call from my good friend Ian Mack that he and his partner Andrea ( founder of sailor coffee ) were coming to Madrid on business and he would have a few hours spare if I was able to catch up with him.
Ian is a big shot lawyer in New York ( he would hate me saying that but its true) he works 12 hour days almost every day of the year.
So the opportunity to see him is a huge deal for me.

Sara and I more or less dropped everything and headed straight up to Madrid.
It was an epic time visiting Museo Nacional del Prado, getting the opportunity to see art works that I remember from my textbooks in high school. Walking around that gallery I couldn’t help but be inspired by so many of these Artworks. “ imagine creating something that lasts 200, 300 even 500 years!

What I have learned about ART, Business Life in general. Truly great things might not be understood in their time but in the years that follow people gain perspective and understand them a little bit better. No different to if you put an object super close to your eye. You have to move it back to truly appreciate what that thing is. Perspective is super important to see things clearly.

When people stop training with us for whatever reason I always give them a hug and say a big thank you and mention the door is always open.
For that person, might need to gain perspective on what we are or some other major issue in their life.

I hope Oviedo / Garaje strength is a constant. Something people can always depend on.
If you need a team at 7am on a Monday morning we are here. 20.30 on a Thursday we will be here with open arms and an open heart.

The team always comes first. But sometimes the team needs to breathe and we appreciate and respect that