The Pyramid

15 de junio de 2018 Por Kitcho

As long has time has existed so has the Pyramid. We are not talking about Egypt and mummies . We are talking the foundations of a normal healthy lifestyle.

It works like this. You have your home where you sleep, eat, and grow subconsciously.  Your work. Where you spend the majority of your conscious hours working towards some type of target or goal.  Third, you have your point and in many expert eyes the most critical part the Pyramid where you relax, unwind have stimulating conversations, be creating the truest form of yourself to others.

If we look through history every different era of humanity has theirs. In industrial Northern England in the 1940’s it was the local pub on every corner. In the Amazon rainforest, the Ashaninkanatives People would relax whilst preparing the meals in smaller segments of the tribe. Today, 2018 It’s a typical one of two extremes. You either drink alcoholic beverages and eat overpriced processed food. Or you go to a gym.

What I have been very conscious of since day one, creating a environment that gives everyone that feeling of a third place where they can be themselves.  A environment that is very social but same time challenges each individual to grow physically and mentally on a daily basis.

What I hope has developed is a place, where people can share their interests and hopefully meet like minded people. The main reason I don’t use the word CrossFit in the marketing for the gym is because if someone is only looking for a quick workout and to go home this isn’t the place for that.

1 year and a half into Oviedo Strengths life at Poligino el castro I have seen individuals develop in ways I didn’t think possible.   So much courage that I hadn’t suspected, and it gives me courage to become a stronger version of myself.

The only issue for me now and I hate to sound selfish but, My Pyramid has turned into this weird line. My home is my home. But my work is where i am constantly looking for opportunities to help people but at the same time trying to relax and unwind.  The issue is.. I get home and i feel this mixed feeling that I haven’t done my job well, that I have let people down. That some expectations have not been met. I end up in this spiral of self loathing.

For this reason over the past few weeks I have been searching for a coffee shop or somewhere that can create my pyramid. That clear distinction between home, work and a third place. It’s critical to have three places in my eyes.

Maybe you don’t work a conventional job and work from home or maybe you don’t work that’s cool but it’s really important you have that outlet to disconnect.