Discipline transcends

12 de junio de 2015 Por Kitcho

Discipline, it’s something that can transcend any profession whether it be a piano player architect, dentist, soccer player.

What I have learned is if someone has the skill set to succeed in getting a certain degree or certain high level of the sport. Those skills and abilities can almost always work out in the gym.

Over the past few years, I have had many people start at Oviedo strength and now garaje strength super motivated in wanting to lose weight, learn fundamentals of CrossFit but finally what I learnt the people who are successful at becoming a member of our community and reach their fitness goals often have had success in other parts of their life. Due to discipline, they learnt in other areas.

With the younger generation in the gym 16-22, I hope that they can learn discipline with us which they can then use for other areas in their life. Like some of our older members have done.

If a young kid can’t find time/motivation to train at 20 years old with very few commitments. I am
Worried for their commitment in the future.
Because without commitment you just become a drifter. Every person like a boat in the ocean needs a goal.