More than a coach

I belive coaching is not only teaching about technique, but forging a durable relationship based on trust. Only working on that way we can achive your best version.


Motivation and hard work

Taking your time. Patience and consistency is what leads to success, anyone can be a super hero over a few days but the foundation we build is what will lead us to long term success.

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Not only Dumbbells

Our program will Explore a ocean of disciplines, combining yoga , Pilates , strength training and functional movement.

The road map to success 

Your at-home training solution has arrived 

Over the past 5 years Kitcho has helped 100's of people just like you get to where they need to go

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Our Community is different, we work together to a team goal. 


We will plan a detailed road map to get you to where you need to go

How can I be of service to you?

If you dig a little deeper we think you will find that your story is not that different to mine.


Become the strongest version of yourself 

No matter what your level. We have a successful path to get you there. 

Can we help 

What's your goal? 

Did you know? over 70% of Kitcho's clients are women?
Team Always comes first
This is supposed to be fun!
Lets find your passion


What have people achieved?

She started to take care of her life, she changed her habbits, and after 1 year with us, ... you cannot belive the transformation she achieved!
Gui Started working out with kitcho at the age of 18 at 230 pounds, over the course of the first 6 months he lost 30 pounds.
60 pound Wight loss


Get in touch.

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You cannot
swim to new horizons
until you have courage to
swim away from the shore

Icannot promise to fix all your problems

but I can promise you will not face them alone

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